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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Poling Station Details for Bersted Division

Here are the various polling stations for the Bersted Dvision

You do NOT need your voting card to vote, just present yourself at the correct polling station and give your name and address

The Jubilee Hall-Community Centre, Chalcraft Lane, North Bersted, Bognor
BNB1 17 (BNB1) 1 - 2084

North Bersted Youth & Community Centre, North Bersted Street, Bersted,
Bognor Regis, 
BNB2 18 (BNB2) 1 - 2010

Bartons Infant School, Romney Broad Walk, Bognor Regis, 
BNB3 19 (BNB3) 1 - 746

Bognor Regis Baptist Church, 73 Victoria Drive, Bognor Regis,
BPEV1 21 (BPEV1) 1 - 1900

Arena Sports Centre, Westloats Lane, Bognor Regis, 
BPEV2 22 (BPEV2) 1 - 2007

The Lavender Room, Rear Of The Robin Hood, Shripney Road, SHRIPNEY      BSHR 20 (BSHR) 1 - 270

Time for a change

time for a Paul Dendle.
I have spent 130 hours on the streets of Bersted campaigning and meeting the good people of Bersted my waist and tan gives testimony to this. In the rough and tumble of local politics the incumbent LibDem County Councillor (Simon McDougall) has tried to smear me on the Picturedrome issues which i have posted a reply on and also the fact that I live outside the Division (as he does) in Simon McDougall's 2009 campaign he smeared the previous candidate Ann Smee, but had to apologise in the press and run advertising in the Bognor Observer with the apology ( see this link for details).   I think the voters are too smart to fall for it again.

I have tried to run a positive campaign, trying to give a vision to the voters of what can be achieved, so I appeal to voters to vote for me tomorrow the 2nd of May, I promise you Sweat & Toil; and a fresh approach to politics for the area.

 If elected  I will continue to contact you via the web and other mediums.  So voters have a clear choice, if they want change then vote for me.

So time for change   

Vote Dendle for Bersted on the 2nd of May

Paul Dendle with a PCSO discussing issues

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Vote for UKIP?

 the UKIP leader of bullying and being
 "anti-women" and "a Stalinist"
In the current heated lead up to the local elections this Thursday, I wanted to address the question of UKIP, they are clearly a protest party and you could say a very good protest party as they a touchstone for voters anger and frustration with Europe, Immigration, Political correctness and the economy.

But as this is a local election, it is about local issues, would you want a UKIP representative deciding your child's education?  

What's their record in governing?

The UKIP Mep  Marta Andreasen, a South East region MEP, sent her resignation letter to UKIP leader Nigel Farage, she accused the UKIP leader of bullying and being "anti-women" and "a Stalinist". Ms Andreasen, 58, said resigning from UKIP to join the Conservatives was not a decision that she took lightly. In an open letter expressing her dissatisfaction with UKIP, she accused Mr Farage of treating any views other than his own with contempt. Ms Andreasen said she did not believe the party could offer "real leadership".  The MEP said the prime minster's speech on Britain's relationship with the EU last month had convinced her the Conservatives were the "true referendum party".

Here are some facts, would UKIP politicians work hard for you? the European parliament may be a good place to check their record and it's wanting. 

The UKIP Facts

10 UKIP MEPs have only tabled 4 Legislative Acts in 4 years compared to the 27 Conservative MEPs who have tabled 98 Legislative Acts protecting British interests in the last 4 years

10 UKIP MEPS have only tabled 7 motions for resolution in 4 years compared to  Conservative MEPs who have tabled 678 motions for resolution supporting British interests in 4 years

In only one committee, UKIP has tabled just 4 Acts to protect Britain, In the key committees Conservative MEPs have tabled and had passed 45 Legislative Acts to protect Britain

UKIP has done nothing to protect our Fishing, Agriculture, or Industry
Only the national government can withdraw us from Europe

UKIP is not represented in UK Parliament so has no say on withdrawal 
Only the Conservatives can deliver a Referendum and have promised to do so
75% of our Laws are made in Brussels— the Conservatives want to stop this

Bearing in mind these UKIP MEP's receive EUR € 7.956,87.  per month as well as very 
generous expense allowance of EUR 4 299  equalling Eur 12255.87 per month for doing
very little by their work record.

Whats their voting record?

UKIP have voted FOR an EU sugar quota—making us pay 4-0% more  (Common Agricultural Policy)
UKIP have voted AGAINST legislation giving rights to victims of crime (Victim’s Rights Package)
UKIP have voted AGAINST protecting children from child pornography (Victim’s Rights Package)
UKIP have voted AGAINST Human Trafficking  (Human Trafficking Directive)

UKIP are AGAINST sharing data on European criminals who would be free to live here

Nigel Farage and his Deputy have voted in less than 50% of all roll-call votes in the
last 4 years. There have not been there to protect you or Britain

So when casting your vote for your County Council do you want a hard working Councillor or a UKIP Councillor?

Sunday, 28 April 2013

I support the Bognor Regis Picturedrome

It has been reported in Simoin McDougalls election literature that I voted against the petition for the Picturedrome,  I believe this is misrepresenting my views and despite his assurances about positive campaigning is a crude attempt at a smear, but more importantly what does the Picturedrome have to do with the County elections, the County Council has no control over the cinema, what voters want is a positive vision for the future of the County Council and policies to get the economy going by creating jobs.

 I support the Picturedrome, the Secretary of State granted it Grade II listing status in July 2009 so it can not be used for any other use.  You the tax payer now own it and through Bognor Regis Town Council and have committed £1.15M to the purchase and upkeep of the building.

The building is now secure and because it's owned by the town Council, it can not be closed without their agreement, and it can not be used for another use because of it's grade II listing

In the petition that was organised by the Bognor Regis Civic Society it petitioned Arun to give the Picturedrome exclusivity or a monopoly of Cinema provision in Bognor Regis, 

I could not vote for this because it is simply not lawful under EU competition law to try and give the Picturedrome a monopoly, but also I believe that cinema could and should be offered elsewhere in town like the Alexander Theatre, There have been no decisions about a miniplex and the St Modwins regeneration, and I am still undecided on this issue and will have to be persuaded regarding the parking issue.

I believe the Picturedrome can have a bright future by doing what the New Park does in Chichester and what it is doing now by adapting and  tailoring it's product to the market.  In fact Cinema industry professionals confirm that film distributors today do not restrict distribution of new films to major cinema chains, this too would be illegal under EU competition law.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Pot Holes - it's not rocket science

Walking around the area I have been shocked by the number of potholes in certain areas, County Councillors have a duty to report these and it's very easy, you just take a photograph of them, they have mapping technology that sits behind the photo and you send it to the West Sussex Highways department via your mobile phone (Not Rocket Science), if it's a serious one, then it will be repaired within days, if it's less serious , it will be scheduled into the rolling work programme which would take up to 3 months.

  Your County Councillor should be doing this, but I have seen only evidence of him being photographed in front of them for his election material.  What you need is a County Councillor that gets things done, not someone who just wants to be re-elected.  So if you want action, then vote for me.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

20 MPH Zone in your residential area

20MPH Zone can be set up relatively easily.
Walking around the area it is apparent that we have speeding drivers who are causing danger to our children, elderly and the vulnerable, this can be solved by getting West Sussex County Council to introduce 20mph zones, these are relatively cheap, but you need a County Councillor who gets things done and will lobby and get them implemented.  I will do this, so if this is something you want for your street, then vote for me.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Reduce the number of County Councillors?

Vote on the 2nd of May.
I believe there should be less County Councillors, we could reduce them by 20%, this would save money and make decision making quicker, if elected I would support any proposal to do this, so if you agree, then please vote for me